About Us

This Is Duncanville!

Creative, hard-working, community minded citizens of all ages. Students, professionals, moms and dads, business owners, laborers, and retirees. You’ll find them all here, sharing their vision, telling their stories through articles, art, poetry, recipes and photography. THIS is Duncanville is about the people who live and work here, the resources our city offers, and the places we can find to relax and play. 

An unlikely conversation with a local photographer rekindled a vision that had been growing for several years. After many cups of coffee with many different people, each contributing their ideas, expertise, and practical help, THIS is Duncanville is here! The photography on the home page, courtesy of Mark Graham, is Ten Mile Creek, a beautiful limestone waterway that winds through Duncanville offering opportunities for hiking, fishing, birding, and photography. You can learn more about this natural resource HERE. The left side of the home page is an up-to-date schedule of events in Duncanville. Everything from weekly story times at the Duncanville Public Library to large annual events like the Duncanville ISD Foundation’s 5K run. At the bottom of the home page you can even sign up to receive email alerts to the types of events that interest you most! The main article on the home page will spotlight a local business, highlight a community organization, feature a unique or interesting aspect of our town, or review an event or experience. 

A Local Experiment

Two years ago, we embarked on an experiment. For one entire month our family committed to patronizing only businesses in Duncanville. Every product we bought, every service we needed was purchased in Duncanville. No online shopping, no running to the big stores in the next town over. We supported local business and kept our sales tax dollars in our very own city. HERE is an article about our experience. It was eye-opening, to say the least. One thing we discovered was that there was no directory that included ALL the businesses in Duncanville, and ONLY businesses in Duncanville. That’s why an important part of THIS is Duncanville is a directory. There is an opportunity for every business owner or service provider to add to this list. The more there are, the better able we will be to support our community. 

Finally, one of the most exciting features of THIS is Duncanville is the Community Blog. This is an opportunity for anyone in Duncanville to submit an article, images of original artwork, recipes, etc., to be enjoyed by those viewing the site. Rather than a forum for advertising, it’s a resident-driven space to showcase the people and creativity that make up our town. Do you know some interesting history about Duncanville? Is your neighbor especially kind? Does your organization want to highlight its volunteers? Write an article and submit it to THIS is Duncanville! Do you want to share your photography portraying the people, events, and natural spaces in Duncanville? Submit photos to THIS is Duncanville! 

Some people have suggested this sounds like an online local newspaper, and you could call it that. The mission of this endeavor is to promote our small Dallas suburb, and get to know each other better in the process. We want everyone to know that THIS is Duncanville!