Cindi Blaylock

Cindi Blaylock, February 17, 2020
Photo Credit: Cindi Blaylock
Hello! My name is Cindi Blaylock and I am a local Duncanville artist. Often times I have been inspired by the city of Duncanville. Especially the local nature amongst the bustling, fast-paced life of our city.

The cactus grew outside of our very own Los Lupes, off Main Street and Camp Wisdom, in Duncanville. One day all of the cacti were budding and blooming, so I stopped and took a picture, which I later turned into a watercolor painting.

The Turk's Cap is a Texas native plant. It has small, red/pink blossom that attract butterflies and bees for pollination. Often I hike Cedar Ridge Preserve where I enjoy taking photos of local nature and wildlife. This is where I took several photos of the masses of Turk's Cap growing, and recreated an image as a painting.