Knick Knacks

Karen Kidd, February 17, 2020
Photo Credit: Karen Kidd
Knick Knacks is a vibrant and active showroom of antiques, vintage collectibles and home décor located at 215 W. Camp Wisdom Road at the corner of Duncanville Road and W. Camp Wisdom.

Knick Knacks opened its doors in November 1992 as an antique and craft mall. In 2017, the store was bought by Sarith & Rich Abramowitz. Having just frequented estate sales, antique, vintage & flea markets and resale shops in Connecticut, Sarith & Rich wanted to open their own store in the Dallas area as an investment and retirement business. Knick Knacks was the perfect opportunity to achieve this goal and business they could build together.

Besides continuing the legacy of this family owned business, Sarith & Rich’s objective was to invigorate the store to bring in new clientele and vendors. Demographics are quickly changing in southwest Dallas and they wanted to capture that change. They hit the ground running by developing an impressive social media presence as well as print media. The store is a regular in Southwest Now Magazine, Focus Daily News, Antiquing Texas and are featured in Texas Antique Trail’s Brochure. 

In an effort to draw a younger clientele and promote locally owned small businesses, they welcome “pop ups” through out the year. It is also a passion of the owners to help new business owners, such as single mothers, retired couples and young families to succeed. 

Knick Knacks vendors come from all walks of life. From teachers to a firefighter, to retired executives to stay at home moms. We have a pastor, an author, a school principal and avid collectors. The store is a favorite of home stagers, interior designers, collectors and store owners, who ironically, may take their reasonably priced buys to Dallas and other stores for resale! Knick Knacks has 3 major sales a year and monthly Dixie Belle Paint workshops. The Super Spring Sale event is scheduled for Saturday, March 21, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Refreshments are always provided for customers on this day. 

Interested in becoming a vendor or having a pop-up in the future? Contact Sarith or Rich at [email protected] or come by the store to talk to the manager, Connie Macias; or assistant mangers Karen Bartlett or Roberta Sheets.  Follow us on Facebook @Knick Knacks .