Neighbors Being Neighborly

Erika Browning, March 8, 2020
Photo Credit: Erika Browning
Being a small, suburban community, everyone in Duncanville has neighbors.  We might wave across the alley, or say, “Hi,” to the person next door while doing yard work.  Some of us even know our neighbors’ names and keep an eye on things while they’re out of town.  Probably more frequently than we’re aware, a neighbor goes beyond these basic courtesies. These are the stories I’ve hoped to uncover in my search for the heart of Duncanville.  But why uncover? Are they hidden? These experiences are actually commonplace, and should be shared to encourage others to spread kindness.  Just the act of requesting permission to share the following stories I discovered on a neighborhood forum put me in touch with new people and helped me connect with neighbors in a unique way.  It was a great reminder that people are friendly and happy to help.  Here are three stories:

“We have always been thankful for our wonderful neighbors on the side and across the street from us.  But we want to especially recognize some Fairmeadows neighbors we don't even know.  My husband tripped and fell in the yard [recently]; he has had both hip and knee replacements so he is not as agile as he once was.  Almost immediately a young man passing by stopped his car and ran to help my husband up.  In minutes, another young man stopped also, and between the two of them were able to get him back on his feet, no harm done.  He unfortunately didn't get their names, but we wanted to recognize them and say "thanks" for being good Fairmeadows neighbors!”

“A well meaning very thoughtful and kind person raked my front yard [recently] while I was away from the house. There were 2 large piles with a note at my door 'Ran out of Daylight :( Be back tomorrow!'” This resident of Merribrook Park finally discovered that it was a family friend who had been doing work down the street and just wanted to do something nice.  People all over Duncanville are kind!
A man in Irwin Keasler Red Bird North shared, “We had lovely neighbors stop by our house over the weekend and gave us [a] card and brownies.  My parents were home and able to converse with the awesome neighbors. I want everyone how awesome Duncanville can be if we stick together!”  The note in the card reads in part,

We want to thank you for all your wonderful holiday decorations you obviously work so hard putting up.  They are appreciated. 

Those are only a few of the many, many instances of neighbors recognizing the humanity in each other and affirming the value of those around them.  We would love to make this a regular feature on THIS is Duncnville.  If you have your own stories of neighbors being neighborly, please submit them to [email protected]