On the corner of W. Center Street and Tanglewood, in Duncanville, a mini food pantry has sprung up to meet the needs of the neighborhoods surrounding it.  Gregory DeLeon, an eighteen year old senior at Bishop Dunn High School wanted to do a senior project while school is closed, and his cousin, Trinity Davila, a third grader at St. Elizabeth’s wanted to help.  Together they used a little cabinet they had in the garage, some paint, and a lot of love to create something that has already met the needs of many in the area.  They started out with a few cans and boxes of non-perishables, but as more and more people heard about what they were doing, donations started pouring in.  And as fast as they can put it out, people who are struggling to put food on the table during this difficult time have been finding what they need. 

Gregory’s mom, JoAnn, is seeing the impact daily, “The need is so real. A family heard about the pantry and came as we were putting up some things. They were looking for a meal for tonight. One meal. Donations are joyously abundant.  Dville has the best neighbors and the generosity shows. We have had boxes of food for families and pets. We have had drive up cash donations, which we quickly used at Winco and other stores to restock.  We had a special angel and her mom deliver hand made masks to donate to the pantry.  [We have] generous and giving neighbors. We have heard stories of how Covid-19 has impacted families to the brink. Our kids are seeing and hearing the impact and they are feeling not sad but compelled to help in any way they can as long as they can.” 

JoAnn says that as long as it’s stocked, they’ll keep it going.  She says the kids are learning practical skills like taking inventory, and budgeting, but more importantly, they are seeing first hand the importance of contributing to society.  She says it’s been a humbling experience for them to see other kids in need and to help.   

The family asked us to send along a message, “Please on behalf of the kids and me thank those that have reached out to donate. This has been a true experience for all of us as we have not experienced a crisis like this in our lifetime. The generosity and compassion of giving to help others in Duncanville is strong. Proud to be a witness to the compassion.”

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